Lifetime Memberships

Milan ’54 Hoosiers Museum Lifetime Memberships

With a donation of $54, you can request a Lifetime Membership to the museum. You will receive an autographed certificate and a coin that represents Milan on one side, and Hickory on the other side. The certificate is signed by members of the Milan ’54 Championship team. Show this coin for free admission to the museum.


  • Ron Aikey
  • Stephen Bean
  • Brenda Beltz
  • Christopher Berry
  • Chelsie Bingham
  • Nate Bingham
  • Gilbert Bocock
  • Shirley Bocock
  • Michael & Erin Boyce
  • Jason & Gwen Brandt
  • Jon Butte
  • Joyce “Cis” Call
  • Dan Carrington
  • Tony & Kris Clark
  • Charlie & Susan Cottingham
  • Denny Ray Dardeen
  • Kenny Delap
  • Andrew Dubill
  • Susan Fatzinger
  • Chris Flattery
  • Nelson & Anna Flynn
  • Terry A. Goodin
  • David Goldstein
  • John Hall
  • Steven C. Hollar
  • Jamie Houston
  • John Hurley
  • Jeffrey & Claudia Johnson
  • Rhonda $ Stephen Kauffman
  • Craig & Sandy Keller
  • Jeff Kennedy
  • Tom Kohlmeier
  • Francis Kyle
  • Jacob Laub
  • Jeffrey Malott
  • Daniel Mara
  • Travis Maxey
  • Thomas Mayan
  • Roselyn McKittrick
  • Bill & Celia Misner
  • Tim Molinari
  • John & Colleen Murray
  • Michael Nees
  • Joe & Beverly Neihardt
  • Lisa Nobbe
  • Bob Oschack
  • Bob Palma
  • Bill Patterson
  • Stanley Pollock
  • Barbara Pride
  • William Robertson
  • Kurt & Colleen Rosander
  • David Schnurlein
  • Jon & Jane Schuster
  • Tim & Rachel Schwipps
  • David Scrivines
  • William Scrivines
  • Nathaniel Seale
  • Cockerham’s Signs
  • Daniel & Erica Smith
  • Jeffrey Struewing
  • Mike Thompson
  • Tommy Thompson
  • Michael Torgerson
  • Robert Volland
  • Ethan Voss
  • Barbara Worrell

Contact us if you would like to become a Lifetime Member of the Milan Museum.

If you are already a lifetime member and your name is not listed above, please contact us to have your name added to our list. We will need to know the date of your membership and who signed your certificate.

The Milan Museum operates on donations. We appreciate any and all donations from individuals or companies. Visit our Benefactor’s page to see a list of our donors.

Thank you for joining in our efforts to keep this story alive.

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