Hoosier collection cropped

The Milan 54- Hoosiers Museum is home to the “Hoosiers Collection” the largest collection of “Hoosiers” Movie props and uniforms known in existence.  See the uniforms worn by your favorite Hickory Huskers like “Jimmy Chitwood,” “Buddy” and “Strap.”  View Myra Fleener’s (Barbara Hershey) ¾ length “Betty Rose” vintage coat that she wore when she confronted Coach Norman Dale (Gene Hackman) about his past. The collection consists of more than 100 items which includes many opposing team uniforms such as Cedar Knobs, Birdseye, Oolitic, South Bend Central, Decatur and Terhune.  The collection includes jerseys, shorts, Chuck Taylor shoes, warm ups, pull-overs, cheerleader outfits and much more.  These priceless artifacts are certified and a significant part of Indiana’s Basketball Heritage. The “Hoosier Collection” is something that you will not want to miss!

Milan Hoosiers 1954