Team Members

The 1954 Milan Team

Individual Team Members & Staff

Marvin Wood
Marvin WoodCoach
Clarence Kelly
Clarence KellyAssistant Coach
Mark Combs
Mark CombsAssistant
Bobby Plump
Bobby Plump#25 - Starting Guard
Ron Truitt
Ron Truitt#3 - Starting Forward
Gene White
Gene White#33 - Starting Center
Bob Engel
Bob Engel#5 - Starting Forward
Ray Craft
Ray Craft#24 - Starting Guard
Rollin Cutter
Rollin Cutter#32 - Forward
Ken Wendelman
Ken Wendelman#44 - Forward
Glenn Butte
Glenn Butte#55 - Forward
Bill Jordan
Bill Jordan#4 - Forward
Roger Schroder
Roger Schroder#22 - Guard
Kenny Delap
Kenny Delap#34 - Guard
Bob Wichman
Bob Wichman#23 - Center

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