The Milan Story

The Milan Miracle of 1954

No discussion of Indiana basketball would be complete without mention of the “Milan Miracle of 1954.” On a cold March night in Butler Fieldhouse, the Indians of tiny Milan High School (enrollment 161) defeated the mighty Muncie Central Bearcats (enrollment 1,662) to win the state championship and secure their place in Hoosier Folklore

The 1954 State Championship Game

Milan High School, enrollment 161, won the Indiana state basketball title in 1954.

While footage of the final game of the 1954 tournament is often viewed on YouTube, Ron Flora, a visitor to the Milan 54 Museum, insisted we watch the 1954 afternoon game of Milan vs. Gerstmeyer in order to get a full scope of the talent of the players on the Championship team, and we agree that it should not be overlooked. Below is that game: