Dreams to Legends DVD with Original Player Signatures


The Milan Miracle

Inspiration for the movie “HOOSIERS”



RELEASED December 2015…“Dreams to Legends: The Milan Miracle”

The story of the high school basketball team from our tiny southeast Indiana town that won the state title in 1954. The video features interviews from 11 of the 12 players and includes historic photos that show the massive celebration after the win when 30,000 people descended on our town of 1,100 residents.

Video Length: 25 minutes     Cost: $75   shipping

Accompanying photo does not show signatures, but the cover is signed by many of the 1954 players: Bobby Plump, Bob Wichmann, Gene White, Glen Butte, Ray Craft, Roger Schroder, Rollin Cutter, Cheerleader Patty Bohlke Marshall, Ass’t coach Clarence Kelly, and the coach’s wife, Mary Lou Wood


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