Last Shot Print, Framed


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Signed print of Bobby Plump’s final shot in the 1954 Indiana Basketball Tournament.

Bobby Plump’s last shot  in the 1954 Championship Basketball Tournament game when the Milan Indians defeated the Muncie Central Bearcats is depicted in this print. The original painting was done by artist Anthony J.Padgett and presented to Bobby on his 80th birthday in September 2016.

This is a limited edition series of 1,954 prints. This print is matted, framed, numbered, and signed by both Bobby Plump and Anthony Padgett.  There is a sticker on the back that gives the history and a description of the print.

NOTE ABOUT SHIPPING: This item will be packed and shipped by UPS, and due to the care given to ship this item, we have included an additional handling charge of $60 to cover our UPS charges.

If the item is purchased in the museum, the cost is $185…stop in to pick it up and pay when you get here.

Framed prints can also be picked up from Red Truck Productions in Indianapolis. Call the museum (812-654-2772) for information about pick up at this alternate location. 

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