Growing up in Indiana, by Dr. Norman Jones

It has been said, “There are two seasons in Indiana. They are basketball season and…gettin’ ready for basketball season.” Growing Up in Indiana: The Culture & Hoosier Hysteria Revisited, is about basketball in Indiana in the middle of the 20th century. It is a look back at what the culture was like at that time. The author writes about the trials and tribulations he encountered as a young boy trying to become an accomplished player at Marion (IN) High School. Marion has won seven state basketball championships. Only Muncie Central High School in Muncie, Indiana has won more with eight. Muncie Central helped inspire the movie Hoosiers when it lost to tiny Milan in the 1954 Indiana state final game. The author was a spectator at that fabled game. Growing Up in Indiana is a compelling, heartwarming story about a player trying to earn a college basketball scholarship. Readers will discover how developments in high school, college and professional basketball helped Indiana to become “the basketball state.” Discrimination against African-Americans was at its zenith in the volatile era in which the author was growing up Indiana. He presents a vivid description of the bigotry, hatred and prejudice that affected his family, friends, teammates and famous players. The book describes how Hoosier Hysteria evolved and also explains to those who did not witness it, the racial strife.