The Making of HOOSIERS (Book) (Autographed by 3 team members)


How a small movie from the heartland, inspired by the 1953-54 Milan Indians, became one of America’s favorite sports films.



The Making of Hoosiers, by Gayle L. Johnson

The movie Hoosiers rose from humble beginnings to become a classic. Inspired by the smallest school ever to win Indiana’s one-class basketball tournament, Hoosiers interweaves themes of redemption and second chances, of family and small-town life, of having faith and living your dream. It’s been called one of the most inspiring motion pictures of all time. But the story of the movie’s creation is just as inspiring. The first-time filmmakers’ goal was to create an entertaining, authentic, and emotionally resonant movie–within the confines of a small budget and a short schedule. In attempting to portray the intense love of basketball known as “Hoosier hysteria,” the movie’s creators took on an immense challenge. With the help and support of thousands of Indiana residents, both during and after production, the filmmakers saw Hoosiers succeed well beyond their expectations. This book takes you on the journey that was the making of Hoosiers, as experienced by the filmmakers, actors, crew members, and extras. The narrative is rich with detail, incorporating little-known facts and trivia from behind the scenes. The book concludes by examining why Hoosiers still scores with audiences young and old so many years after its release.

Autographed by Ray Craft, Glen Butte, Rollin Cutter


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